Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!

Can my baby really be 2 years old? I can't believe it. He is such a big boy now. He is a total chatter box and makes me laugh everday with the funny things he comes up with. We had a little birthday party last night with his cousins and he had a blast. Today we are going to Lagoon with Hardy's work so it's a fun way to celebrate his birthday.
A few things about Jack at age 2:

- His favorite songs are "I'm a Hammer" sung by Pat the Hammer on his Handy Manny CD, "I am a Child of God" followed closely by "Three little speckled frogs."
- He loves books and lately when I can't find him it's usually because he's in his room reading stories to himself. I love to eavesdrop and hear what he comes up with. He also loves to help me cook which is always interesting.

- He is very polite and always says "Nank You!" He also likes to tell me to be"Careful Mama" when I'm cooking or doing anything he deems dangerous. His dad has also taught him to say "Outstanding" when he does something especially great.

- He LOVES babies, especially his cousin Kate. Anytime he sees a baby he gets a dreamy look in his eyes and gives a loving "Mmmm" while either giving the poor baby a hug or pretending to give a hug if he's too far away. It is quite sweet.

- He is still my little snuggle bug. My favorite moments are when he has on his jammies, gets his blanket, climbs up on my lap, wraps my arms around him and says "So nice" as he snuggles into me. Yes son, it is so nice.

- He thinks his dad is the funniest person ever and loves to grab his hand and drag him downstairs or outside to play. No one gets him chuckling the way his daddy does. They are best buds.

- He is really into sports right now. He had basketball cupcakes for his bday party and we got him his own basketball hoop for his birthday. He could hardly wait for us to get it out of the box before he started shooting hoops. He also got a little golf club set from his friends and the first word out of his mouth this morning while daddy was still singing Happy birthday was "Outside!" because he couldn't wait to play with his clubs. I barely talked him inot putting clothes on before we went out. Look at this face. He is in heaven.
He is also a huge fan of his new lawnmower that he got from Aunt Heather. We were at the zoo on Tuesday and he kept asking to go home and play with the lawnmower.

- His best buddies are his cousins Josh and Rachel, next door neighbor Caroline, friends Boston and Avery, and his girlfriends Paisley and Jenna. He loves to go to nursery and play with all the kids on Sunday.
We are so grateful for this sweet little boy and the joy he brings into our lives.
Happy Birthday Jackson!