Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cardiology Check up

The day after we got back from Disneyland we had Jack's semi-annual cardiology check up.  Dr Puchalski gave him and A+ and said to come back in another 6 months.   We thought we might start discussing the Fontan, but his sats were 83 (after he stopped crying long enough to take a breath) and Dr P said that as long as they are that high we can wait. He expects his sats will start to drop within the next few pounds that he gains so surgery could still potentially be late next summer, but as long as he keeps doing well they think we might even be able to push it off another year. Wouldn't that be nice!  He is now 28 lbs, so that is kind of the magic minimum weight they want kids to be before they do the Fontan, but bigger is better and it looks like we've got room and time to grow.

It's also really nice to have more time before we start planning his surgery because this summer is going to be a busy one for us as we are expecting baby #2 at the beginning of June.  If you ask Jack, he insists that he wants a baby sister. Not sure why, but we'll find out for sure in a couple of weeks. We're a little nervous but hopeful that things will be less stressful with this pregnancy than the last. And for those who have seen me recently and thought "Boy, she's overeating this holiday season," the answer is yes, yes I am, but thankfully I also have another good reason for my getting-fatter-by-the-day tummy.

Disneyland 2010

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Disneyland. We had the best time ever. I can't think of a single thing that would have made it any better.   Jack still asks every morning "We go to Disneyland?"

Thanks to recommendations from some of our heart friends we got Jack's stroller designated as a wheelchair.  That was fantastic. For some of the rides it let us go in the exit and skip the germ filled lines. For others it allowed us to take his stroller into the line with us so we didn't have to carry him the whole time.  The lines were really short on Wednesday and Thursday anyway, but this really made it possible for us to do everything we could have wanted while there.  He was still exhausted at the end of the day, but I know he made it a lot longer than he would have without it.

I wasn't sure what Jack would think about all the characters, but after meeting Pluto on our way into the park he was sold. Every time we would meet a new character he would ask me with a grin on his face, "I give them a big hug and Mommy take a picture?" It was magic.

His favorite rides were #1) Pirates of the Caribbean. He would hold on for dear life down the hills, then ask to do it again. And he enjoyed searching for Captain Jack.  I think we went about 7 times.  #2) The Ferris Wheel with the swinging gondolas. He spotted the big Mickey Mouse ferris wheel at California Adventure and I agreed to take him on it, but I got in the wrong line and didn't notice until we got to the front that we were all set for a swinging car. I was a little nervous to take him up but he LOVED it.  The whole way around he would giggle with joy and say "Let's roll!"  #3) He also liked Small World and as we were going through the tunnels and the tune changed to "Jingle Bells" his face lit up and he exclaimed "I know that song!" So cute. #4) And Dumbo was a big hit. He was on it with Hardy and kept saying "We flying! This is so fun!"

On Saturday Jack's cousins came down to spend the day with us.  That made it lots of fun. Thanks for the fun day Matt, Gwen, Paige and Seth!  We will miss you at Christmas.

The first night there we went to World of Color. The next night we watched the fireworks and ejoyed the fake snow they do on the way out.  Both shows were great, but on the weekend all the shows moved to 9:00 which was way too late for Jack. It worked out though because we stayed at the California Grand Hotel and we could watch the fireworks from our balcony. He and I would snuggle in our pajamas, wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the show before bed. A perfect way to end an evening.

Merry Christmas Everyone!