Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping busy

We're still just bummin' and enjoying our summer.  A few weeks ago Hardy and I took the boys to Red Butte Garden.   Jack ran every where and Tyler slept through it all.

We went with Jack's best buddy Caroline to the Aquarium.

Last weekend we went with some friends to Park City.  Here is Jack, his buddy Paisley and their dads going down the Alpine Slide.  We haven't done that in years.  The kids LOVED it.

And this little cutie usually just sleeps through all the fun as I drag him all over the place, then wakes up ready to eat.  Both boys just had their Wellness check ups and both are 50% for their weight and doing great.  

We've been playing so hard one day Jack just fell asleep at the dinner table mid-meal.  Actually, he really is slowing down these days. I've been noticing a difference in his stamina lately so tonight I checked his sats and they were 74.  That's a big drop from 82 where he was in May.  It's to be expected and is his body's way of telling us the Fontan (his next surgery) is getting closer, but I hate to even think about it.