Monday, April 11, 2011

The Zoo, Farm, and such

Jack and I went to the zoo a few weeks ago when it was nice weather.  He LOVED the train. I had to drag him off kicking and screaming. I promised him we could ride the train all he wanted when we go to Lagoon this summer.  That should be fun.

Then last week we went to Wheeler Farm with my sister and her kids.  Jack was frighteningly brave when it came to feeding hay to the horses, but thankfully they managed not to nibble off his fingers and he thought it was great.

He thought feeding ducks was almost as cool as "shooting hoops" and had to throw every piece over the fence.

But his favorite part was splashing in all the puddles where the previous days snow was melting off the roofs. He was so tired and filthy by the time we got home but it was a good day.

Currently Jack is obsessed with his ABC's.  He's always liked them and been good at them, but for the past week or so I swear he sings one version or another of the ABC song from sun up to sun down. My mom got him a new ABC show and he screams and cries to watch it all day long.  Actually, the screaming and crying happens every time it ends and I refuse to put it on again. I found him a foam alphabet puzzle at the dollar store that I pulled out the other day and now and he has to carry them all over the house identifying objects that start with each letter. I spend my days hunting for missing letters he's dropped in one room or another. Crazy kid.

Just 7 short weeks until Jack's a big brother.  I'm getting very excited and a little nervous at the prospect of a normal, healthy child.  I can barely keep up with the half-heart one I've got let alone throw another one in the mix.  It will be interesting to see the contrast.  I can hardly even fathom coming home from the hospital after only a few days and without a great big set of instructions on medications, feedings, etc. but it's a challenge I'm willing to tackle.