Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where did March go?

I feel like March came and went really fast this year and I forgot to document any of it, and with my pregnancy brain I just can't rememeber anything at all these days let alone think to take out my camera.  

If I remember correctly, the first week in March Hardy's basketball team was in the State Tournament so that kept us busy.  Then Jack and I went to Idaho to visit my sister Erin the following week while both Hardy and my brither-in-law were at the MWC basketball tournament. Jack loved hanging out with his cousin's and had a blast until Saturday morning when he woke up with a firey hot fever and sick as can be. Thankfully he did pretty well on the drive home despite his misery and got better within a few days, but they were a long few days.

Last weekend Hardy and I dropped Jack off at my mom's a took a fabulous, toddler free vacation. Grandma claims Jack was an angel the whole time which is such a relief because he was awful as soon as he saw me on Sunday.  I guess payback is fair.  On Monday he kept asking to "go see the fish" so Tuesday morning I loaded him up and we went to the Living Planet Aquarium (see photo above - it's about the only picture I took of him this month).  Jack spent most of the time pushing his stroller around rather than looking and interacting with the fish so when we got to the end and I told him it was time to go he was very upset because he had yet to "see the fish."  Maybe next time we will leave the sroller in the car to encourage a little more observation. Today he "helped" me put my new glider together for the baby's room rather than take a nap. That was awesome. :(

We are very much looking forward to the spring weather that is headed our way so I think we're going to the zoo on Friday with friends.  I bet we're not the only ones with that idea, so DON'T meet us there. ;)  I have no doubt it will be a zoo in more ways than one.