Friday, March 26, 2010

A Trip for Two

Could I be any worse at blogging lately? It's not that we aren't doing anything, I'm just not in the mood to document it. Very unlike me. Maybe if it would stop snowing I'd get a little more excited to pull out my camera.

Last weekend Hardy and I took out first vacation without Jack and went to Las Vegas. Hardy kept asking me (before we left) if I was going to cry when we left the little fella. I wondered that myself until we dropped him off at Grandma's and I sprinteed to the car and was totally fine the rest of the trip. It was so nice to go out at night and eat my dinner all by myself and while it was still warm. We stayed out late each night and slept in each morning. Hardy golfed, I went to the spa, and we held hands everywhere we went. We saw "Blue Man Group" and "Jersey Boys" and I read a good long book. We went on the roller coaster in Primm and got $20.00 Lucky jeans at the outlets. It was great on all accounts.

The only bad part is that Jack is now getting back at me for leaving and will not leave my side. He wails if I walk into another room and close the door. He's even been waking up at night and refuses to go back to sleep unless he's snuggled happily between Hardy and I. And while I enjoy snuggling with my little man, it's really hard to sleep, plus his diaper leaked the other night and he totally wet our bed so I spent all day yesterday laundering bedding. Stinker.

But I must admit that I did miss him and I'm glad to be home. Vegas is a weird town. Fun for a few days, but not reality. I'll take my quiet little life in South Jordan with Jack and Hardy over the bling of Vegas any day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idaho Falls Fun

Lat weekend Hardy was away so my mom, Jack and I drove to Idaho Falls to visit my sister Erin. We hardly did anything at all but had a fabulous time.

Jack and his cousin Alex (who is just a couple of months older) had the best time together.

Bathing is so much fun with buddies.

Funny story on the way to Idaho. About halfway there Jack started grunting and pushing and I knew we'd need a stop in the near future to change his diaper. We stopped in Malad, but when I changed him he was clean. So again, just outside of Pocatello he starts pushing and grunting and working very hard, but nothing is happening. Soon he's crying and clearly suffering so I pulled over in Pocatello and got him out of the car. He laid his tear stained cheeks on my shoulder and said "stuck!" Oh dear, yes it is. Darn poop. I let him walk around in the parking lot for a few minutes and finally he managed to get "unstuck" and after a change we were on our way. Kind of gross, I know, but I thought it was prety funny.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A New "Do" and a "Choo Choo"

My baby turned 19 months old today. He's hardly even a baby anymore. Nope. Just a crazy, funny, naughty little boy. Here are just a few things he's up to lately:

1. His vocabulary has exploded in the last month or two. He can give you nearly every animal sound and is starting to name all the animals now too. When he sits down to work on a project he says "all wight" (all right), and when you're leaving he gives a big wave, blows kisses and says "See ya!" He loves to go "side" (outside) and go down the "wee" (the slide). He knows that beverages come in three forms: milk, water, and "Coke." He loves to play with the "mote" (remote) and the "phone" and climb on "shairs" (chairs). He will repeat just about anything except Grandma and Grandpa. He absolutely refuses even though I keep trying to tell him those are the most important people to suck up to. He cracks me up every day with some new word he's picked up. I just love getting a tiny glimpse into his silly little head.

2. His favorite shows are "Manny" (Handy Manny) and "Hot dog" (Mickey Mouse Club House) and each morning as soon as he wakes up he emphatically requests a "show" meaning one of these two.

3. He LOVES Elmo, Cookie Monster and Zoe from his Sesame Street books. For Valentine's Day I got him a new sippy cup with these 3 characters on it and he could hardly drink he was so excited.

4. His favorite activities are turning light switches on and off, prank calling people from my cell phone, plugging in and unplugging anything in an outlet, and banging on the computer. As a result he is usually banned from from almost every room in the house at some point during the day.

5. He is an excellent helper and loves to pull out the broom and sweep the kitchen or help dig in the garden. I even had to buy him his own gardening tools so he would stop stealing mine. He also loves to stand on the stool in the kictchen and watch/help me cook.

Yesterday Jack his first real haircut. He hated it and sobbed the whole time. Poor Erica (my next door neighbor) cut as fast as she could and offered to stop because he was so upset, but I told her to carry on and eventually got him to help me with the animal sounds for Old McDonald, giving a "woof, woof" here through his tears.

But the end result turned out very handsome. I think he looks so grown up.

Then today, fabulous Erica who cut Jack's hair called and said they were cleaning out their basement of things her boys are no longer using and would we like a train table for Jack? Umm...Heck ya! He was in heaven when he got up from his nap.

Then he found the screwdriver I used to tighten up a few screws and had even more fun pretending he was Handy Manny!
What a good day.