Friday, August 28, 2009

1 Year Well Baby Check

Jack was finally able to have his 1 year Well Baby check this week. He's in the 15% for weight and 80% for height. Umm, ya, looking at Hardy and I you would totally guess that we would have a tall and skinny baby. ;) He's also got a huge noggin - in the 85th percent Thankfully it doesn't look huge because it matches his height. I've also read that a lot of HLHS kids get really big heads after their Glen surgery because of the change in blood pressure to the top half of the body.

He's still cute as a button, but getting rather naughty. When did my sweet baby learn how to throw temper tantrums?

Last weekend we got to go play at Jack's heart buddy Teagan's house. Jack was a big fan of the gravel pit and dump trucks. It was so fun to be having fun and eating a bbq rather than meeting for dinner at the Rainbow Cafe at the hospital like we were doing last year at this time with their family.

Friday, August 21, 2009

IHH Heart Walk - Sept 12

Walk for Healing Hearts
Saturday, September 12, 9:30 A.M.
Riverside Park, 4620 N. 300 W., Provo

Intermountain Healing Hearts is the local support group for families of children with heart defects. It has been an amazing source of help and strength to us during Jack's hospital stays and in between. This group cheers each child's victories and helps each other through the hard days, and we are so grateful for the lifelong friendships we have made.

The Heart Walk is an opportunity for this group to raise money and continue the work they do (including care packages for families stuck at the hopsital, flowers for new babies and funerals, Heart Camp, etc.)

If you would like to come join us for the walk, we would LOVE your company. The cost is $10 per person and you can register online (pre-registration deadline is Aug 26). Or, if you can't make it but want to help, you can make a donation on Jack's behalf through their website.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jack had a sedated echo this morning to check on the function of his heart. Thankfully they have lots of fun things to squeeze and play with to keep him entertained while we waited for the doctor.

Jack was pretty funny on the drugs they used to knock him out. He started giggling as the versed kicked in, then woozily chatted from time to time during the echo. I also took advantage of the situation and had the sedation nurse slip in some extra fluids through his IV since he hasn't been drinking much. That made me feel better.

Dr. Pulchaski said that he was "thrilled" with how great Jack's heart looks. The function is good, and the narrowing of the arotic arch they were worried about after his Glen seems to have corrected iteself and he's not worried about it any more. We don't have to go back for another 6 months!

We feel so blessed that Jack is doing so great and are grateful for the many loving prayers said on his behalf.

Splash Park Fun

We celebrated Jack's return to health yesterday with a visit to the splash park in Herriman with his friends Boston, Avery and Stella and his cousins Josh and Rach. While the bigger kids ran and dodged the water, my little water baby crawled straight into the big ones.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Poor Thirsty Jack

Jack was supposed to have his 1 year Well Baby check up today, but instead we used it as a sick visit. Dr. M said that he's got a virus she's seen a lot of lately.

His fever is mostly under control, and his runny nose has slowed, but I can't get him to drink anything. One of his symptoms is a very sore throat and as a result I have only been able to get him to take two bottles since Saturday afternoon, one Sunday morning and one this afternoon. He should be drinking at least 4 bottle s a day so that is not nearly
enough, but every time I fix him a bottle he just pushes it away and gets mad at me. He won't drink milk, water, juice, popsicles, or jello. I've even tried watermelon which he usually can't get enough of and he just sucks on it then spits it out. I've been very worried about dehydration, but the doctor said he didn't look dehydrated so hopefully she's right. On the plus side, I'm saving money on diapers since he hasn't had a wet one in days.

He's scheduled for a sedated echo on Thursday morning so I'm hoping for a speedy recovery so we don't have to reschedule it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Darn it

This weekend was the Intermountain Healing Hearts First Annual Heart Camp and we were SO excited about it. We drove up to Camp Wapiti Friday night and got to see a bunch of Jack's heart buddies who are all doing so awesome. We loved seeing so many friends who we met in the hospital and so many others who we know primarily through the internet. We had decided in advance that we would sleep at home that night and then drive back in the morning in time for the rest of the events so we put Jack in his jammies and drove home.

Around 1:00 a.m. Jack woke up crying so I went in to check on him. He was burning up. He had a temperature of 103. I stripped him down and put him in a cool tub and gave him some Tylenol. That brought it down to 101, but I eventually was only able to get him to sleep by taking him down to our freezing basement guest room, me curled up under the blankets, him on top in really thin summer pjs, radiating heat. Poor little guy. This morning he woke up and was back to his usual chipper self for a while, but as the day wore on and as the doses of Tylenol wore off he just is kind of miserable and stuffy.

So we missed the rest of Heart Camp, which made me so sad. But even worse then staying home with a sick kid was being stuck home feeling guilty that I had brought my sick kid to camp the night before, possibly spreading germs to other heart kids. To all the heart moms, I'M SO SORRY! I'm praying nobody else gets sick. Especailly Teagan who gave Jack a great big friendly hug. Ugh...I feel awful. And so does Jack.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miracle Treat Day

Did you know that today is Miracle Treat Day? Dairy Queen is donating the proceeds from every blizzard purchased today to the Childrens Miracle Network, who will then pass it on to Primary Children's Medical Center. So not only does that make the ice cream guilt free, but it's good for the soul too. I know where I'm headed for lunch today. We'll wave at you from the drive thru. :) (Thanks for spreading the word Charlie Cooper)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Dollar Tuesdays

This month Thanksgiving Point has Two Dollar Tueday's, which means you can go to any venue for only $2. Much more affordable than the usual $10. So this week we went to the Dinosaur Museum. Apparently it wasn't a novel idea because the place was absolutely packed with kids of all ages. It was crazy, but we had a fabulous time. Then we came home and sanitized our hands and feet like crazy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday pics

Jack had such a fun birthday. So many of his favorite people came to help celebrate. We had people wear red for his special little heart.

He had lots of good helpers opening his toys and didn't want to go to bed that night because he was having so much fun playing with everything.

He got so many fun things and absolutely loves them all, but so far his favorite seems to be the new cell phone I got him. Did he just turn 1 or 16? Seriously.

He was a big fan of his cake and the fact that we let him dig in to his messy little hearts content.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

It's been a crazy, wonderful, difficult, rewarding, fabulous year. We love you so much Jack and are so grateful that we get to celebrate this special day and year with you.