Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tummy trouble

Sigh...It's been an exciting morning.  Jack woke up crying at 6:00 a.m. so I let him come snuggle with me in bed. A few minutes later he started coughing and wham! He puked all over me, him and my bed. Awesome. So I threw him in the tub, stripped the sheets, got him out of the tub and let him watch a show while I jumped in the shower to clean off the vomit. When I got out he said he felt good, then threw up again all over my bed, so we did it all again.

Normally I would just assume stomach bug, but he threw up Sunday (in nursery) and about a week ago in the middle of the night as well.  Every time he throws up and doesn't feel well for a little bit but then perks up and is fine.  No other symptoms.  Then a Heart Mom mentioned her daughter was throwing up too and cardiology was concerned as vomiting can be a sign of heart failure. (Plus his other HLHS buddy Kylie got sick a few days ago and is now in the hospital really struggling.) Of course that got me worried so we've spent the day at the dr.  First stop was the pediatrician. He's lost some weight, but otherwise looks pretty good. After consulting with cardiology they decided we should go get a chest xray just in case.  Thank goodness for the Riverton PCMC office.  Jack was a trooper and we were in and out in 30 min. The pediatrician called a little while ago and said everything looked okay, so we're back to assuming it's just a weird stomach bug.

Sweet Jack has definitely been slowing down lately.  His cousins run circles around him, and at his bday party he sat in the shade while his friends played the games I had prepared.  We called cardiology a few weeks ago about it and we have a sedated echo scheduled for September 12 to see what's going on. My guess is that we are getting closer to needing the Fontan.  As a result I pulled him out of preschool for next year just in case. He would have loved it but some days he just doesn't have the energy.  We'll have more answers in the next few weeks, but as of today we at least know he's not in heart failure so I don't mind a little vomit.  Now if he would just learn how to aim for the bowl.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack!

Three years ago this little boy and his very special heart changed our lives.  How grateful we are for him.  He is smart, charming, gentle, sassy, funny, polite, stubborn, creative, snuggly, naughty, loving, and hilarious. 

We love you so much Jack!