Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Catch up

I admit it. I did a terrible job of taking pictures over Christmas.  I got Jack's whole Christmas morning on the video camera, and I may have to post him signing "Jingle Bells" because he is so good at it and signs it often...still.  Despite the lack of photo evidence, we did in fact have a great Christmas. It was great seeing lots of family and friends and spending time together as a family.

We went to see the lights at temple square in the rain. Jack had fun with cousins Breydon and Bethany and with Grandpa.

He got a great new U of U table which he is thoroghly enjoying and sues every day.  He got some paints, new socks, a memory game, sticker book, fish puzzle, comforter and sheets for his new big boy bed he'll be getting soon, and a stuffed ant eater. Yes, an ant eater. He loves it. He found it at Babysteals when I went in to pick something up and wouldn't put it down. For $6, how could I resist?  He saw it Christmas morning, squealed with delight and said "He's so cute!"  He calls it an elephant.  It especailly weird because he doesn't really like any other stuffed animals.  Just his ant eater. I'll have to get a picture one of these days.

After Christmas we spent lots of time driving to and from Davis County where all our families live. It was great seeing everyone, but I must admit that I am so glad it's January and life is finally back to normal. If it would just warm up above 20 degrees, I'd be so happy.