Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This and That

Jack is very busy these days playing with everything he shouldn't. We are looking forward to Christmas and the new boost of toys he wil be getting to hopefully divert his attention away from the hair dryer which he drags around the house like other kids might carry a favorite blanket. Seriously?

So far he has done really well with the Christmas tree and only tried to throw my ornaments in the garbage can a few times. He's also been a hit at all the family Christmas parties as he's quite silly and charming once he warms to the crowd.

He loves to read stories these days. I think I read "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" about 15 times in a row last week. Because he is loving books I took him to the library, but he got a little over excited tossing books, using his loud voice, and banging on the computer keyboard and the librarian got mad at us so we had to leave. We'll have to work on our library etiquette and try again.

He's even made it to a couple of his dad's basketball games this year. As long as he's got plenty of space to roam about during the game he does okay and will even watch and cheer for a while. The Titans are having a great year so far and we hope they keep it up.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


Kyle and Alli said...

He loves the blow dryer?? That is seriously funny! I love his mischievous side...you must get lots of laughs each day!

Be sure to come and say hi the next time you are up visiting your sister! I can't wait till our little characters can play together!

The Whitaker Family said...

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!