Sunday, January 17, 2010

"No, no Jack"

I know. I'm behind. We just have nothing too exciting to report lately from the Hardy household.

Jack had his RSV shot on Thursday, then had to go get his flu and H1N1 booster shots on Saturday, so we really hate the doctors office right now. But he's a trooper and forgives quickly. Especially when I bring a few M&M's to help ease the pain. We also went to "Rhyme Time" for kids 2 and under at our local library after his RSV shot and he thought that was pretty fun, even if he spent most of the time running around rather than participating. Oh well. We'll work on that.

Waiting patiently in the doctor's office.

He's also very busy and in to trouble all of the time these days. Lately he has heard it so often that he has started telling me "No, no Jack" before he does something naughty - like eat playdoh, or stick things in an outlet, or climb in the dishwasher for example.

Jack has his next cardiology visit next week and we are excited to be able to go to the new Riverton Hospital with its Primary Children's Outpatient Center which is just minutes from our home rather than have to trek up to PCMC. He seems to be doing really well so I'm not too worried.
Oh, before I forget, I better share his latest trick that I was quite proud of. Jack loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The other day Hardy sang part of the theme song to Jack and he jumped down, ran into his room and grabbed the stuffed Mickey Mouse we got him at Disneyland. I didn't know he had made that connection between the two, but I guess he did. Before that he was completely indifferent to the toy, but now he LOVES it and gives Mickey hugs and kisses. What a smart boy.


Jill said...

Reesey loves Micky too! How cute are little ones!

One Happy Heart Family said...

He just gets cuter and cuter! It's so hard to believe it's been a year allready huh? I am so glad our 2 sweet little heart babies are doing so fantastic!!! Good Luck at the appointment ours is on the 8th. They called us to go to the new clinic, but really another longer drive isn't worth a sooner appointment!! Love all the pictures!!