Monday, June 20, 2011

Brotherly Love

Tyler is a little over 3 weeks old and already these boys are best buds.  Jack's favorite thing in the world is to lay with his brother on his playmat which Jack has decided is a spaceship.    He gets so excited any time Tyler looks at him or holds his hand, and he's constantly asking to snuggle with him. He's so gentle with him, and only once has he thrown a fit and refused to let me hold Tyler.  I've been really proud of how well Jack has adjusted to not being the center of the universe.   

This past weekend we took the boys to the South Jordan Country Fest.  We let Jack go on a few rides at the carnival and he was in heaven.  I can't wait to take him to Lagoon in a few weeks when he can go on the rides as many times as he wants.  

So, so sweet.  I love these boys.


Daisie said...

How sweet Aimee! Can't wait to meet Tyler! So glad your all doing well!

Family Scads said...

I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier, but HUGE congrats on your new addition! What a perfect, beautiful baby. Isn't it amazing what this new little life does to a family who has been through a whole lot with another child? Wow! Oh, and Jack looks great, too!