Monday, August 12, 2013

He's 5!

My amazing Jack turned 5 years old last week. Thinking back to when he was born, we were so scared and unsure of what the future was going to bring, and now here he is.  He's smart, funny, and oh so cool. Looking at him you would never know he was anything but healthy.  

He might be a little bit obsessed with robots at the moment, hence the Wall-e birthday cake that his amazing mother managed to make.  He's been insisting for months that we wanted a Wall-e cake and I kept hoping he would change his mind or accept a simple robot cake since my cake skills are limited, but no. He wanted Wall-e. Somehow I managed it, and when he told me it was the best birthday cake ever it made it all worth it.

He starts his second year of preschool next week and is so excited.  He is getting pretty good at reading and definitely getting better at writing. He's going to dazzle his kindergarten teacher next year with how smart and capable he is.  He is helpful, and kind, and loves his little brother (most of the time). I love this boy.


Jodi said...

I can't believe he is already 5. He is so handsome! I'm glad everything is going so well for him!

Amanda said...

Wow - I remember looking at your blog when Jack was first born! What a handsome, healthy, smart 5-year-old he is! Happy Birthday Jack!