Friday, July 11, 2008

A blog for Jack

Up to this point I have been using my personal blog to keep people posted on what’s going on in our lives and how little Jack is doing, but as this little guys arrival date gets closer, I’ve decided it’s time for him to have his own page. That way, those of you who are interested and want to keep up on his progress can see what’s going on with him without having to hear all the other details, and family and friends can still hear about things not related to Jack’s health on my site. I may even be able to talk Hardy into posting once in a while since this will be Jack’s blog. I promise to use lots of pictures and update often, especially while we are in the hospital. Every day with Jack will be a miracle and I plan to document it well.

Thanks for sharing Jack’s Journey with us. We know that we have a long road ahead, but we have hope and faith that all these things will be for our good.

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