Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still on Track

We had our last dr appt yesterday afternoon and things are still looking good for our August 4 inducement. Erin (Dr. Clark) said I'm dialated to a 1+ and that my cervix is "very favorable." After squishing my stomach around a bit, she estimated that he's now a little under 7 lbs.

As we'll be getting started late Monday evening, she thinks it's possible we could have an early morning baby. Hopefully it won't be too early, but we've got our moms on high alert in case we need them to hurry to the hospital at a ridiculous hour. My mom is assigned to stay with me and Hardy's mom is going with him when he goes with Jackson over to the PICU, so them being there is important for everyones mental wellbeing. (Mom - this does not mean you have to camp out all night at the hospital. I'm sure you'll get there in plenty of time. [She actually beat my little sister to the hosiptal when she went into labor with her last baby]).

Mentally and emotionally, we are still doing quite well. Becoming a first-time parent is life altering in and of itself, but adding on a few extra challenges makes it that much overwhelming. On the rare occasions when I let myself think about what the future might hold, I have to remind myself what our friends Rob and Angel said about caring for their sweet son Charlie Cooper who has and continues to face a lot of challenges. They simply said, "It becomes your new normal." Their positive outlook and strength has definitely inspired us as we face this challenge of our own. How thankful we are for good family and friends.


Lisa Marie Trent said...

Hi, I'm Lisa, mom of OUR little Jack who was diagnosed with HLHS when I was pregnant in 2005. I wanted to wish you luck, and offer some real hope- as our Jack did REALLY well, with his first days in this world, and and with this two surgeries, we are pending the Fontan, it was postponed from June because Jack is too darn small. (22lbs) But I wanted you to know that babies are AMAZING and your Jack will do GREAT because these babies come into this world like CHAMPS. Good luck, you'll be in our thoughts!

Melanie (Mama, Mimi) said...

I am thinking of you each day as Monday gets closer. I will be awaiting word on when little Jack arrives - don't worry . . . I won't be stalking you at the hospital. I will be stalking Jeremy! Good luck with everything. Despite the extra challenges that you face - enjoy the moments now because you will think on them often. The anticipation of having your first baby is something you will wish you could experience and do all over again. It is magical. Good luck with everything you two. You are in our prayers!

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

Hi from another HLHS mom! My daughter Abby is 19 months old, and we are waiting for the Fontan. We wish you well and will keep Jackson in our prayers. Abby was to be Jackson if she was a boy ;)

-Alison (Abby's Mom)

Simmons Family: said...

OH...the anticpation to meet Mr. Jackson is building! I have followed the blog for a tiny bit. I have Mr. Owen who is also HLHS and 6 months old! I will tell you that it is the most amazing adventure you will ever go on. It's not easy, but the blessings are easy to see!!

Come by and visit Owen at simmonsfamilyupdate.blogspot.com

You're almost to the finish line...


M said...

Thinking about you and sending prayers upward and in your direction. Margaret

Millie said...

My son Colin just turned four and has HLHS. We found out when I was 24 weeks pregnant. He just had his Fontan and is doing well. He had some major de-sats with his O2 between the Norwood and Glenn and has some brain damage from that, so he is in a wheelchair, but heart-wise he is doing GREAT! He understands everything you say, but has trouble expressing it, nothing a little therapy can't help with. The HLHS journey is a long one, but so worth it, these kids are amazing and when they smile, it melts your heart.
God bless,
Millie and Colin-HLHS
Carepage name:ColinMordis

Charlie Cooper said...

Hey guys- We just wanted you to know that you are in our hearts today as we fast. We can't wait to meet this little man. Good luck tomorrow. We love you guys and are here for whatever you need.- Love Angel, Rob, Britt and Coop

Amanda said...

Benj and I want to wish you and your family the best tomorrow. We have been thinking about you guys a lot lately. You are in our prayers and please let us know if we can do anything for you!