Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doing Okay

Not much to report on Jack, thankfully. He still coughs like a chain smoker, but he's not coughing a ton and he is still fairly chipper. He's not eating quite as much as normal, but he is eating and we're getting wet diapers so basically we're just waiting it out, hoping he gets better soon.

Unless things get worse I'm going to avoid taking him to the doctor since there isn't really much they can do for him anyway. He's too young to take any medicine so I'm just loading up on the vitamins and healthy food, hoping they'll pass through my breast milk into his system to help him out. It's worth a try.

Thanks to all those praying for him and wishing him well. Hopefully we'll have healthy news to report in a day or two.

The good news is that I finally got them to schedule us for a cardiology appointment. We go in to see Dr. Pulchaski next Monday. Too bad it took a trip to the ER to get them to schedule it.

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Hilary said...

hey, let me know what time your appointment is we are there every Monday. I would love to see you, maybe grab a bite at the rainbow. Much love, Hilary Cook