Monday, August 17, 2009

Poor Thirsty Jack

Jack was supposed to have his 1 year Well Baby check up today, but instead we used it as a sick visit. Dr. M said that he's got a virus she's seen a lot of lately.

His fever is mostly under control, and his runny nose has slowed, but I can't get him to drink anything. One of his symptoms is a very sore throat and as a result I have only been able to get him to take two bottles since Saturday afternoon, one Sunday morning and one this afternoon. He should be drinking at least 4 bottle s a day so that is not nearly
enough, but every time I fix him a bottle he just pushes it away and gets mad at me. He won't drink milk, water, juice, popsicles, or jello. I've even tried watermelon which he usually can't get enough of and he just sucks on it then spits it out. I've been very worried about dehydration, but the doctor said he didn't look dehydrated so hopefully she's right. On the plus side, I'm saving money on diapers since he hasn't had a wet one in days.

He's scheduled for a sedated echo on Thursday morning so I'm hoping for a speedy recovery so we don't have to reschedule it.


The Taylors said...

Poor guy, Sorry he's sick. Why a sedated echo? Just wondering, he probably hasn't had one post Glenn huh? Kylie goes in on the 31st for a check up. Keeping our fingers crossed he goes home fast. Hopefully little Jack will start feeling better fast.

Erin said...

Poor baby. I hope he gets over that darn cold fast! We don't want him to lose those chubby cheeks!

Ryan and Hilary said...

Man, I am so sorry he is sick. What a stupid virus! I am glad that you got to go to the camp out. I am so sad we couldn't be there. We will definatly be at the walk-pending any other sickness. Thank you so much for the boxes! You are amazing.