Saturday, August 15, 2009

Darn it

This weekend was the Intermountain Healing Hearts First Annual Heart Camp and we were SO excited about it. We drove up to Camp Wapiti Friday night and got to see a bunch of Jack's heart buddies who are all doing so awesome. We loved seeing so many friends who we met in the hospital and so many others who we know primarily through the internet. We had decided in advance that we would sleep at home that night and then drive back in the morning in time for the rest of the events so we put Jack in his jammies and drove home.

Around 1:00 a.m. Jack woke up crying so I went in to check on him. He was burning up. He had a temperature of 103. I stripped him down and put him in a cool tub and gave him some Tylenol. That brought it down to 101, but I eventually was only able to get him to sleep by taking him down to our freezing basement guest room, me curled up under the blankets, him on top in really thin summer pjs, radiating heat. Poor little guy. This morning he woke up and was back to his usual chipper self for a while, but as the day wore on and as the doses of Tylenol wore off he just is kind of miserable and stuffy.

So we missed the rest of Heart Camp, which made me so sad. But even worse then staying home with a sick kid was being stuck home feeling guilty that I had brought my sick kid to camp the night before, possibly spreading germs to other heart kids. To all the heart moms, I'M SO SORRY! I'm praying nobody else gets sick. Especailly Teagan who gave Jack a great big friendly hug. Ugh...I feel awful. And so does Jack.


Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jack is sick and you had to miss out on the rest of Heart Camp. So disappointing. I hope it is a short-lived bug like the one the twins had while we were there. They bounced back in just a couple of days.

Adrienne Orrock said...

Hi Amy, so sorry to hear you guys didn't get to go Saturday. Hope your little guy gets feeling better soon! It was so great to meet you, thanks for sharing your experience and advice with us!


Christina said...

I thought about you guys on Saturday when I didn't see ya back. I hope Jack gets feeling better soon!

Hugs & Prayers,

Erin said...

Bummer about being sick. I hope Jack is feeling better now. Did he by any chance get any new teeth? I hate when you expose others to germs, but that's life. It happens. I think most people are understanding unless you deliberately take a sick kid somewhere. And we all know you didn't. Give the baby a kiss from me.

Love you.

carolyn q said...

I had wondered if we had scared you off on Friday night. No, seriously I had wondered if something terrible happend. I am glad that he is doing better and darn it that you missed out on the symposium of Saturday, all the Doc's did great, but I think you would have really enjoyed Dr. Gray's presentation about Cath's. Hopefully we can get him to do another presentation in the near future that you can be in attedance too.

The Hood's said...

Such a bummer for you guys! We had the same problem, except Alex came down with his fever of 103 on Wed, and all the symptoms followed after. We were really bummed we couldn't make it too! Hope little Jack feels better soon! And, don't beat yourself up over it!