Tuesday, October 6, 2009

14 months old

Jack is now 14 months old. Here are some of the wonderful things he is up to these days:

1. He can stand all by himself…until he realizes that he’s doing it and then he immediately sits down because he doesn’t think he can.
2. He loves to walk around the house all day long pushing the laundry basket until it gets stuck against a wall (which is every 30 seconds) and then he screams and throws a fit, beaconing me to come get it unstuck.
3. I have no idea what he likes to eat these days. It completely changes from day to day, but Mac ‘n Cheese and teddy grahams are usually a “yes” when offered.
4. He can sign “all done,” “more,” and “milk.” And he gives a great “high five.”
5. He can say mama, hi, more, yes, and no and a variety of silly sounds.
6. He’s very good at going up the stairs, but rather unreliable going down them as he likes to stop and play along the way so we still have to watch carefully.
7. He sleeps pretty well at night, but gets up every morning between 5:00 and 6:00 and insists on coming in to snuggle with mom and dad, which we only allow because it usually buys us another hour or so of sleep.
8. He’s still a total mama’s boy and sometimes not even daddy will do, which is kind of sweet to be loved so much, but gets really old when I need to get anything accomplished that can’t be done with a 1 year old attached to my leg. He adores his father though and loves to watch him mow the lawn.
9. He likes music and will wave his hands to the beat with a big silly grin. He also applauds when I sing the ABC song to him while changing his bum since that is the only way to get him to hold still.
10. And now he's wailing under the computer so I don't have time to think about anything else. Good thing he's a cutie.


Kyle and Alli said...

Yes he is a cutie! I can just imagine the laundry basket scene.... too funny!

Gwen said...

Adorable! I say this every time, I wish we saw you guys more often! You should move closer to us:) or I guess the easiest would be for us to move back :p

The Simmons Family said...

Happy 14 Months Jack!! I love that he's pushing the laundry basket all over. Owen butt scoots behind it and does the same thing. :)

They grow up too fast and now Owen is wailing under the computer.


Heather said...

I love reading about Jack's latest tricks. Tell Hardy to put him in a backpack while he mows the lawn sometime. My kids think that is the best treat.

The Taylors said...

He is so adorable. He is growing up way too fast. I love it. Funny about the food thing Kylie loves mac n cheese and teddy grahams. Silly heart kiddos. Glad you guys are doing so well.

Ryan and Hilary said...

Yahoo! Happy 14 months! Can you believe how good he is doing! Just amazing. We will have to have you guys come over so Jack can teach Daxton how to stand up. He still will not sit up by himself. He is super stubborn.
Jack you are too cute. Can't wait to see what you accomplish in the next 14 months!!