Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter. Jack got a morning Easter Egg hunt in the basement at home, but by evening the snow had melted so we got to do an outdoor hunt at Grandma's house.

He was too busy eating chocolate to give me any smiles for the camera. Good thing the Easter Bunny was smart at our house and only put a few M&M's in each egg or he would have been totally sugared up. He kept asking for "More chocate pleeeeease!"

In addition to a few treats and an illustrated Book of Mormon Stories book, Jack got these manly sunglasses. He thinks he's pretty darn cool.

All that plus a great LDS General Conference where we were spiritually fed and uplifted. And to top it off, Miracle Mason got a new heart on Sunday which added extra thought and meaning as we contemplated the true meaning of Easter, Christ's resurrection and what that means to his donors family. It was a good weekend.


The Simmons Family said...

Jack... you remind me so much of Owen! MORE CHOCOLATE!!! The easter bunny gave him TONS of M&M's and he just can't get enough!! I'm glad you had a great Easter and I LOVE the shades!

Hallowsboys said...

I love the pic with the sunglasses...I have an addiction to sunglasses well my husband thinks I do....adorable.