Friday, March 26, 2010

A Trip for Two

Could I be any worse at blogging lately? It's not that we aren't doing anything, I'm just not in the mood to document it. Very unlike me. Maybe if it would stop snowing I'd get a little more excited to pull out my camera.

Last weekend Hardy and I took out first vacation without Jack and went to Las Vegas. Hardy kept asking me (before we left) if I was going to cry when we left the little fella. I wondered that myself until we dropped him off at Grandma's and I sprinteed to the car and was totally fine the rest of the trip. It was so nice to go out at night and eat my dinner all by myself and while it was still warm. We stayed out late each night and slept in each morning. Hardy golfed, I went to the spa, and we held hands everywhere we went. We saw "Blue Man Group" and "Jersey Boys" and I read a good long book. We went on the roller coaster in Primm and got $20.00 Lucky jeans at the outlets. It was great on all accounts.

The only bad part is that Jack is now getting back at me for leaving and will not leave my side. He wails if I walk into another room and close the door. He's even been waking up at night and refuses to go back to sleep unless he's snuggled happily between Hardy and I. And while I enjoy snuggling with my little man, it's really hard to sleep, plus his diaper leaked the other night and he totally wet our bed so I spent all day yesterday laundering bedding. Stinker.

But I must admit that I did miss him and I'm glad to be home. Vegas is a weird town. Fun for a few days, but not reality. I'll take my quiet little life in South Jordan with Jack and Hardy over the bling of Vegas any day.


The Simmons Family said...

I'm glad you had fun!! Owen is clingy like Jack (now), and we've never left him. Imagine if we had. Yikes.

It's good to get away and yes, Vegas is fun for a few days and we're done too!

I didn't know you lived in So. Jordan! I went to Bingham High class of 97.

Daisie said...

How Fun! I am so glad you guys got to have some time to yourselves! Sounds Fabulous!

Becky said...

I'm totally jealous! I love having a break every now and again and that sounds really fun. Jack sure is adorable!