Monday, September 13, 2010

More Catching up - September

A few more pictures to get all caught up. At the end of August we went with a group of friends to the zoo. We always have fun there. The kids of course loved the big water ball near the entrance. Owen kept trying to climb in and got all wet and Jack kept trying to drink it. Gross!

For Labor Day Weekend we went to my parents cabin in Heber. Jack loves to feed the squirrels, but he gets a little too friendly when they get close and starts to wave and say "Hi squirrel!" Not the best technique, but super cute. He was also a big help moving wood inside for the winter and was fascinated watching grandpa chop wood. But the highlight as always was the four-wheeling. We always go slow and careful with Jack on board. In these photos he was just playing on the machine hence the lack of a helmet. On Monday morning we decided to go for a ride before lunch and were going to leave shortly after. Well, Jack fell asleep on the ride so we decided to just go home. I ever so gently transferred him into his carseat once we were all loaded and his head jerked up and he exclaimed "four wheeder?" Well, sweetheart. You missed it. My other favorite story was at night after Jack was fast asleep. Hardy and I were just climbing into bed and chatting when someone passed a little gas. Jack started giggling so hard in his sleep. It was hilarious. I guess farts are inherently funny, even in your sleep.

This past Saturday was the Intermountain Healing Hearts Walk. We loved meeting new people and seeing our Heart friends. Jack and Teagan were too focused on their apples at the end of the walk to pose, but they at least looked up when Paul came over to say hello.

We left the Heart Walk just a little early to head up to the U for the big pre-game tailgate. Is this a proud papa or what? I love these boys so much. Jack is well trained and will give a big "Go Utes!" on cue or sometimes just randomly throughout the day.


Heather said...

ROFL at Jack laughing in his sleep. Just what I needed today. :) Miss you.

Brammer Family said...

You got to meet Paul?!? ...lucky ducks! :)

The Whitaker Family said...

You guys have been busy!!!! LOVE the stories and pictures-- Jack is a DOLL!!!