Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Utah State Fair

Last week Jack and I went to the Utah State Fair with HopeKids.  We had the best time. Who knew the fair could be so fun?   He kept asking to ride the cows and goats and thought they were really fun to pet (note the huge grin on his face below).   We also got ride passes and boy did we have fun. I wasn't sure if he would after his so-so performance at Lagoon. Well, he's a big boy now because he had a blast. He loved the fun house with the crazy fast slide at the end. He loved spinning in these weird dragons (kind of like tilt-a-whirl), and his favorite was a speedy little car ride that he kept asking to go on but I thought he would hate. Once we got on he refused to get off.   We even ran into our buddy Daxton. We run into them everywhere. :)  And thanks grandma for coming and taking photos.

I also had to throw in these cute pics of Jack and his girlfriend Caroline dancing at our Stake party the other night.  They were SO adorable.

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