Monday, September 12, 2011

Sedated Echo

This morning Jack had a sedated echo at PCMC.  We had to be there at 7:15 a.m. so it was an early morning for all of us, but since he couldn't eat anything before his echo it was nice to not have to deny him his morning milk for too terribly long.  He was not a big fan of the IV, but I couldn't blame him since I think they really hurt too.  But the IV team gave him a stuffed ghost and that helped immensely. He's snuggling with it now.   Once he got some meds in his IV he was all smiles and punch drunk.  Pretty funny to watch.  He was zoned out for a while, but woke up fairly quickly after he was done so we got out of there in good time.

We met with Dr. Puchalski and he said everything on his echo looked great.  His function was really good and his valve is not leaking at all.  Such awesome news.  His sats through the proceedure were in the mid 80's, so it's hard to complain about that.  They did notice something around his aortic arch which is causing some gradient from his upper to lower body, but it's not major.  If they need to they should be able to fix it in the cath lab in the future.  Dr. P said that we can move forward right now with his Fontan prep and schedule a cath followed by surgery, but he also feels very comfortable waiting 6 more months. Since Tyler is still so small I think we're going to aim for that.  He's not loving the bottle at the moment and no Grandma wants to be left with a cranky hungry 3 month old, no matter how cute he is.

We feel very blessed by this news. Jack really had us worried for a while there by how tired he was, but I guess it was a weird bug that had no other symptoms other than to wipe him out half the summer.  Then he got a weird bug that had no symptoms other that the occasional puke.  Now he's all better and is perky and silly and drives us insane half the time with his 3 year old antics.

Days like today are kind of long and yucky but are good to remind me how precious my boys are, even when they are into trouble. So to celebrate tonight we are going to eat pizza and let Jack guzzle all the milk he wants and watch Little Einsteins and Bubble Guppies to his hearts content.  Good times.


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

That's great news! I saw you at the walk but didn't get a chance to say hi!

Becky said...

That's great Aimee! I say celebrate with some yummy dessert too! :)

The Hood's said...

I'm so glad he did well, and even more glad that he can hold off another 6 months! That is such great news for you guys.
Congrats!! And good luck keeping up with him!