Thursday, September 15, 2011

Utah State Fair

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the Utah State Fair with HopeKids.  We invited his cousins to come play with us and had a blast!  We got wristbands tht let us go on the rides for a few hours and Jack thought that was fantastic.  We were so busy riding and having fun that I didn't even pull out my camera, but trust me, there were lots of smiles.   

There was a crazy guy who dressed up his geese in crazy costumes and he let Jack his one a drink of Mountain Dew.

We walked into the cow barn about 1 minute after a cow had given birth.  That was kind of amazing. 

 We saw some huge pumpkins.
 ...and some fluffy bunnies. (Jack thought it needed a snuggle.)
As much fun as he had on the rides and seeing animals, he spent much of his time playing in the dirt and taking off his shoes.  We went through a lot of wipes and hand sanitizer.

 They had a great hands on farm experience,
And we even caught a glimpse of the prophet.

Such a fun day.  Too bad I didn't pull out my camera more often.

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