Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas came early for me and Hardy.

Jack had a sedated echo this morning. Last time we did this we had to spend the entire day sitting around in the recovery room and it was awful. This time we came prepared with toys for Jack, treats for us, and a plan to take the day in shifts. Instead we were oh so happily informed that he's now big enough that we didn't have to do the 12 hour stay and could go home as soon as he woke up and ate. Happy day! It took a little while, but he finally came around and we were able to meet with Dr. Mennan and get out of there 8 hours earlier than anticipated. It was great.

Even better was the good news that Jack's heart is still looking good. His sats were in the mid 80's and he's getting quite chunky. We are scheduled for an MRI on January 14 and will do his surgery the following week.

As an added bonus we got to see Jack's heart buddy Daxton who was in for an appointment as well. It was great to see you Hilary!

We feel so blessed that Jack is doing so well and can't wait to spend some time with his cousin's over Christmas.


Heather said...

Fantastic news! Our prayers continue to be answered. I can't wait to snuggle this little boy.

Hilary said...

It was so good to see you guys also, I am so glad that he is doing awesome. Our little men are going to grow up and be able to play "touch" football together. Merry Christmas

The Simmons Family said...

I am so THRILLED that Jack's heart is doing so well! Everytime there is an echo, my heart sinks because I know it's never going to be good. It's so great to hear that they are good... sometimes!


Erin said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you had a short day and happy test results. That's what we like to hear. His cousins are excited to see him next week. We are all fighting a cold really hard so it will be all gone by next week.

Just so you know, Jacob still prays for baby Jack all the time. In fact I'm afraid at this point he is praying to baby Jack. Oh well, at least he's trying!

The Hood's said...

Congratulations! It's always so nice to get good news! And equally as nice to get out sooner than expected! We hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!
Good thoughts and prayers still coming your way!
Camille (IHH)

Daisie said...

Yea! Aimee! That is great news! I am so glad to hear it! Can't wait to see the little cutie in real life! Oh...and you and Hardy too!!