Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tummy Time and a Cat Fight

Jack HATE'S tummy time. Every time I flip him over he just scowls at me and works his way up to a wail, but he is getting stronger. Too bad just around the time he should really start to think about scooting and needs to practice being on his tummy they are going to cut him open again and we won't be able to do tummy time again for a while. Oh well, we'll take whatever milestones we can whenever we can get them.

Jack looks like he's been playing with a kitty this week, but no, they are self inflicted wounds on his cute face. Darn sharp baby fingernails. I swear I file them down every morning and by night they are razor sharp.


Daisie said...

oh my word Amie! I am so glad that he is doing good today! You are so brave and amazing! And he is just so dang cute!!

The Simmons Family said...

Don't worry about tummy time... Owen HATES it to this day and refuses to do it. He'll roll right onto his back!

It doesn't sound like Jack has an issue with tiring out either... so that's good! Owen can't sit for more than 10min without breathing like he's just ran a triathalon.

The Glenn will help Jack a ton and hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery... OH... and get rid of the O2!!


Erin said...


I've been worried all day about how Jack is doing. I am so glad he is feeling better and back to his usual cute self.

None of my kids like tummy time and they've all turned out just fine. Alex finally has learned to roll and it's so cute.

love you!

The Hood's said...

Alex hates tummy time too! We figure someday it will get better! We haven't pushed it, considering he just had his chest cracked open! He is such a doll. I'm so glad to see him doing well. (And post-glenn is a great place to be!)