Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr. P

Dr. Pulchaski (Jack's cardiologist) called this morning. He had written orders that we needed to come in for an xray this week, but they couldn't schedule us until Monday so he called to make sure he didn't need to work us in sooner. From our conversation he felt like Monday would be fine. He wants to check things out, but doesn't think we need to worry too much. We just have to try to pack on a few more calories so the kid will grow. Too bad it doesn't work for me to eat the extra calories and have them pass into his milk. I could definitely do that. Getting him to eat more real food that has any sort of flavor - now that's a challenge.

We decided to switch to Dr. P after Jack's last surgery and I'm really glad we did. I feel like I'm a lot more on the same page with him than I was with his last cardiologist. He may look 25 years old, but he really knows his stuff. When we first met Dr. P I hated him, but that's because he's the one who gave us Jack's official diagnosis when we were pregnant and sat us down in the "bad news" room. (I hate that room.) He was very frank about the seriousness of Jack's condition and made us very sad. But ever since that first grim visit he has been very pleasant and optimistic and now I'm a big fan.


The Taylors said...

That sounds good he is not too worried. I bet he is just fine. Funny about Dr. P, if you look close I think he is going gray, Yes I wasn't checking him out LOL but I was wondering how old he was. He does look so young, but he told me he has been doing cardiology for 25 years so I trust him. I think he is the BEST card. Glad you just have to go for a xray.

Good Luck on getting him eating. I found if Kylie eats what we are eating she does better so HATES baby food. KUDOS to you for still pumping, that is AWESOME! I am still waiting paitently for our lunch date. I can't wait. GOOD LUCK I will call you later this week, its been to long and we need to talk.

The Hood's said...

Poor little guy! Chocolate always works for me to gain weight:)! I hope that he can start adding to the poundage! Cute little guy!
We LOVE Dr. P. He diagnosed us too, but we have felt a strong connection with him since the beginning! He is wonderful! Glad you are happy with your switch!

Mindi said...

Just a note to let you know we're cheering for you and hope all goes well with the xray tomorrow. I wonder if his cold has contributed the weight loss/ sweating? Whatever it is I hope it turns around for him and soon!

Dr. P is great. I think they have to be scary at first so you "get it." At least that's how it felt with us--like he was trying to make us understand.

Much love to you and darling Jack,
Mindi and McKay (DILV, TGA)