Friday, July 31, 2009

Look Out

Jack is totally mobile now. Thankfully he figured it out the day after we moved. One minute he was a happy little lump on the floor. Now he can sit up, climb from sitting to standing, walk along the furniture, and do a pretty speedy little army crawl/sea lion leap down the hall. He's loving the freedom, and I'm glad he's got a little more space now to roam about.

Along with mobility comes a little mischief. Jack's new favorite game is "Don't Touch That!" It's hard to get too mad when he flashes that silly grin.

He also loves the new couch with the cup holders. He spends much of the day moving toys from one hole to the other.

As an added bonus, he also now has 2 tiny teeth which he loves to remind me are there by chewing regularly on my finger.


allison said...

Look at him go! He is adorable!

Jill said...

are those cup holders in the sofa! Trav will be right over with a dr. pepper!!!!

Mindi said...

I cannot believe how parallel our boy's paths have been--right down to those two tiny teeth. It's extrememly comforting to me actaully. Yea fo rbest case scenarios, huh? I'm so glad he's doing so well. Keep it up and so will we :).


carolyn q said...

Wahoo. . look who is "1"?
What an amazing year you have all had. It makes my heart leap with joy that your little man is doing so well. I pray that it continues :0)

Can't wait to see cute pictures of the Birthday celebration and especially ones with cake all over in his hair and on his face.

Happy Happy Birthday Jack!