Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Water Baby

We took Jack swimming for the first time yesterday, and oh what a treat it was. He splashed and splashed and played for the longest time. When we finally pulled him out he kept trying to dive right back in. I got him this cute little contraption to keep him safe and it worked perfectly in the kiddie pool. His toes could just reach the bottom so he wandered all over and had the best time. We may have to make this a weekly activity.

Hurray for summer!


M&M Delicious! said...

So cute!! What a fun activity to do with him, especially where he loves it so much

Heather said...

Can't wait to come splash with you! Only 1.5 weeks to go. . . Jack is such a doll and you are a fun mom.

Julie Miles said...

Ethan's got that same float (from last summer) and also loves it, although he's about to outgrow it! I'm glad Jack likes the pool so much - definitely a great way to beat the heat!

Heart Hugs,

Julie Miles

Angel said...

Love the look on Jack's face when he's getting splashed. He is so cute. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Let us know if you need help moving.

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