Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idaho Falls Fun

Lat weekend Hardy was away so my mom, Jack and I drove to Idaho Falls to visit my sister Erin. We hardly did anything at all but had a fabulous time.

Jack and his cousin Alex (who is just a couple of months older) had the best time together.

Bathing is so much fun with buddies.

Funny story on the way to Idaho. About halfway there Jack started grunting and pushing and I knew we'd need a stop in the near future to change his diaper. We stopped in Malad, but when I changed him he was clean. So again, just outside of Pocatello he starts pushing and grunting and working very hard, but nothing is happening. Soon he's crying and clearly suffering so I pulled over in Pocatello and got him out of the car. He laid his tear stained cheeks on my shoulder and said "stuck!" Oh dear, yes it is. Darn poop. I let him walk around in the parking lot for a few minutes and finally he managed to get "unstuck" and after a change we were on our way. Kind of gross, I know, but I thought it was prety funny.

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Becca said...

Poor kid!! It's funny how the life of a mom is always so living and breathing what are kids eat and how much they poop. Glad he got unstuck.

Becca-Ellie's mom