Friday, March 5, 2010

A New "Do" and a "Choo Choo"

My baby turned 19 months old today. He's hardly even a baby anymore. Nope. Just a crazy, funny, naughty little boy. Here are just a few things he's up to lately:

1. His vocabulary has exploded in the last month or two. He can give you nearly every animal sound and is starting to name all the animals now too. When he sits down to work on a project he says "all wight" (all right), and when you're leaving he gives a big wave, blows kisses and says "See ya!" He loves to go "side" (outside) and go down the "wee" (the slide). He knows that beverages come in three forms: milk, water, and "Coke." He loves to play with the "mote" (remote) and the "phone" and climb on "shairs" (chairs). He will repeat just about anything except Grandma and Grandpa. He absolutely refuses even though I keep trying to tell him those are the most important people to suck up to. He cracks me up every day with some new word he's picked up. I just love getting a tiny glimpse into his silly little head.

2. His favorite shows are "Manny" (Handy Manny) and "Hot dog" (Mickey Mouse Club House) and each morning as soon as he wakes up he emphatically requests a "show" meaning one of these two.

3. He LOVES Elmo, Cookie Monster and Zoe from his Sesame Street books. For Valentine's Day I got him a new sippy cup with these 3 characters on it and he could hardly drink he was so excited.

4. His favorite activities are turning light switches on and off, prank calling people from my cell phone, plugging in and unplugging anything in an outlet, and banging on the computer. As a result he is usually banned from from almost every room in the house at some point during the day.

5. He is an excellent helper and loves to pull out the broom and sweep the kitchen or help dig in the garden. I even had to buy him his own gardening tools so he would stop stealing mine. He also loves to stand on the stool in the kictchen and watch/help me cook.

Yesterday Jack his first real haircut. He hated it and sobbed the whole time. Poor Erica (my next door neighbor) cut as fast as she could and offered to stop because he was so upset, but I told her to carry on and eventually got him to help me with the animal sounds for Old McDonald, giving a "woof, woof" here through his tears.

But the end result turned out very handsome. I think he looks so grown up.

Then today, fabulous Erica who cut Jack's hair called and said they were cleaning out their basement of things her boys are no longer using and would we like a train table for Jack? Umm...Heck ya! He was in heaven when he got up from his nap.

Then he found the screwdriver I used to tighten up a few screws and had even more fun pretending he was Handy Manny!
What a good day.


Daisie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this update! It is so fun to hear what your cute little guy is up to! Sounds like he is definetly keeping you busy! And yes...the haircut looks adorable!

The Simmons Family said...

He does look like a big boy with his new haircut!! I love that he digs his new train table.. my sis-in-law gave us theirs and Owen is obsessed! It sounds like he's talking a lot too! He's at such a fun age and it only gets better!

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh my gosh Aimee! He looks so grown up! I love to see that he is just doing so well. Great news all around!

Becca said...

I love the cute things that kiddos say and the way they say it. It's almost sad when the learn to say it the right way. Cute new haircut too!

led signs said...

What a cute little boy you have got. Its obvious that kids do all types of naughty things. But still they are lovable and are very much admirable.

Erica Williams said...

Jack is so cute! I am glad that he survived the haircut and likes his new train table!


Wow I can't believe how big he is getting. He is so dang cute! Hope you guys are doing well.

Heather said...

That was a great post! Jack looks so handsome with his big boy haircut. His cousins say hi!

Gwen said...

so cute! I miss that kid, and you guys too ;) one of us needs to move!

Charity said...

He looks so big!! Love the haircut.

Jill said...

He is getting so big!

and you totally scored on the train table! Those things are $$