Friday, February 27, 2009


Jack has a funny appetite. All the books say that most kids like fruits first, but not my Jack. He hates them. I tried to give him peaches this morning and you'd think I was offering him lortab. So far the only thing he will eat all by itself and not watered down with ceareal 'til there's hardly any taste is peas. My guess is it's because of all the medication he has to take that have fruity flavors. Peas taste as little like medicine as possible. Did any other heart moms find their kids had an aversion to sweet flavors?

On another note, Jack finally rolled from his tummy to his back all by himself for the first time today!


Charity said...

Yeah Jack!! Veggies are the best, consider yourself lucky!

Allison said...

You know, now that you mention it yes! Joshua was an awesome eater a bit after the Glenn (before that nothing crossed his lips). He would chow down on anything...but not sweets! He is still kind of that way. At dinner he'll out eat his big sisters. But if you give him something sweet, he may taste it, but won't chow down.

Erin said...

Too bad I don't have an aversion to sweets! I think it's funny Jack loves the peas, they make Alex gag. Also we have to disguise the cereal to get Alex to eat instead of disguising the veggies. They are all so different and all so cute!

Watch out with the rolling, he will soon be getting into trouble. He's going to love all those buttons on your tv and DVD, all conveniently put at his level. I've decided the designers of the new tv systems don't have babies. Who puts that stuff down low?

Kiss those chubby cheeks for me.
Love you.

Julie Miles said...

Peas - one of Ethan's favorites - both the jarred baby food when he was younger and the real thing now that he's older. Unfortunately, despite being on fruit flavored meds, Ethan still acquired my sweet tooth and loves fruits and anything else sweet (especially chocolate!). Glad to see that Jack's on the move now too - watch out! :-)

The Hood's said...

Way to go Jack! He'll be crawling before you know it!
Alex will eat anything, and I mean anything, but peas. Consider yourself lucky! I figure we all have our dislikes, and maybe peaches is his. What a cutie!

The Simmons Family said...


Owen isn't big on fruity sweets.. but M&M's and OREO's ... he LOVES!!

He prefers REAL food.. enchiladas, salmon, asparagas. He's never had meds by mouth either.

I think they know they have to eat healthy to take care of that heart. I wish I had that sense.

Mindi said...

Yea for rolling--I think that will be a huge milestone. McKay also prefers veggies, but I have neer thought anything of it. It's interesting to think they may not like sweets because of all the sticky, flavored-up meds. That may be a good thing in the long run!

Jack looks great!

The Whitaker Family said...

Audrey liked veggies better too. Still does I sometimes think. YAY for milestones!!