Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweet Hearts

This has been a hard week on me (and I think the whole heart community) with sweet Gracie Gledhill passing away on Monday. Ever since Jack came off his oxygen I have felt so free and normal, and then I am reminded that these little hearts sometimes break. The reality is that we are dealing with a lifelong, chronic condition that will always have its ups and downs. I then go in and hold my Jack a little longer, kiss his cute cheeks a few extra times, and have a little more patience when he spits out all his food and medication.

I hope these sweet little heart babies help us all to remember to live each day to it's fullest and to be grateful for all that we have.


Kyle and Alli said...

I echo your thoughts... we were visiting with the Gledhill's just over a week ago... how quickly the heart world can turn upside down. Treasure each day.

Jill said...

Oh that sweet little Gracie who tugged at my heart strings! How precious we all are! My heart aches for them!