Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Jack had his 2 month check up with the pediatrician this morning. He's now 9 lbs 7 oz which puts him in the 10th percentile, and 23.5 inches, which is the 55 percentile. The dr sais he looks great and she's really pleased with his progress. He also got three shots. He cried for a second because he was so surprised, but then he quickly calmed down and gave a look that pretty much said, "Is that all?" What a tough guy. The ped said that other than to get his RSV shots she doesn't really need to see him until his 4 month check up unless something comes up. Such good news.

The other good news is that he actually slept for a 6 hour stretch last night. It was so awesome. By the time he woke up at 3:00 to eat I had porn star boobs (too much info, I know) and was dying to pump anyway so it was terrific. I could really get used to only waking up once in the middle of the night. Already I feel so much more rested today than I have in a long time.

Friday we have his cardiology appointment. I'm making Hardy come with us this time so someone can sit in the back and keep the little guy happy. I don't want him to arrive blue this time so hopefullly (fingers crossed) they will take him off his oxygen.


Heather said...

I'm glad to hear that all is well for you. I appreciate all the updates.

Daisie said...

Great News! And Good Luck at the Cardiology appt!! Miss You Guys!