Friday, October 3, 2008

Big Trouble, Young Man :)

Who would think that such a sweet little face could scream for so long?

I was so excited to go to cardiology this morning and report that Jack had not had a single incidence of going blue since our last visit. Yesterday he decided that he didn't want me to share that kind of news and had two, yes two, blue spells. The first happened as I was driving Jack to my sisters so she could watch him while we went to sweet Brooklyn Bailey's (another heart baby we met at PCMC) funeral. I got him calmed down fairly quickly and he bounced back just fine so I wasn't too worried about it, and thankfully my sister wasn't too worried to watch him then either. But then last night he threw a mega fit and screamed for a really long time. His tummy hurt and no matter what I tried he was just miserable. I kind of think his misery may be linked to his shots from Wednesday, but it's hard to say. I was minutes away from whipping out the big guns and asking my dad to give him a priesthood blessing (Hardy was at the Utah football game or of course I would have asked him to do it. Go Utes!), but then he finally calmed down and went to sleep for a long time. When he woke up he chugged a great big bottle and slept quite well last night so hopefully he'll behave today at cardiology. We would really love it if they would let him come off his oxygen, or maybe just have him wear it at night. He gets so agitated by it lately and I spend half my day and several times at night putting it back on after he's ripped it completely off. (That's his new trick, getting it all the way detatched from his face). At least we know he's got strong lungs though. He's definitely taking more and more after his father with his big loud voice these days.

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Melissa said...

Shots always hit my kids a day or two later. Lets chalk it up to that! He is a darn cute boy!
Melissa Andrew - IHH