Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dads post facts. Moms post pictures. :)

As Hardy mentioned yesterday, Jack's echo went well. I swear it was one of the longest days of our life though. We had to be there by 7am, and the echo was done by 9:30, but then we had to sit there for 12 hours because babies his age can have adverse reactions to the sedation for up to 12 hours. As we drove home last night at 9:00 we decided it felt like we had just flown to Japan as we had been cooped up in a tiny uncomfortable room all day. Its one thing to be up there and know you're staying the night. It the sitting there counting down the hours that was horrendous.
They decided to put in an IV to sedate Jack, but wound up using just a tiny bit of versed and it knocked him right out so he just happily sucked on his binky through the entire echo. The guy who sedated him said he used so little Jack would probably wake up pretty quickly. Instead he took about 5 hours to really snap out of it. Apparently he has a high sensitivity to it. He did really great though and was pretty happy most of the day. Once he finally woke up he was very perky since he'd just had a doosey of a nap so we had a great time. I was worried he wouldn't want to sleep once we got home, but the three of us all slept really well, only getting up twice, and the boys are still alseep and it's 8:45 am as I'm posting this.
Our next fun development is that starting Thursday night, Jack has blood in his poop. They were a little concerned that it could mean his intestines were compromised and dying, but thankfully the anesthesiologist was pretty sure that was not the case. Since we were at the hospital all day yesterday we couldn't go see our pediatrician so instead we have to run over there today so they can do some tests to figure out what's causing it. Hopefully it's just an allergy to something I'm eating rather than an infection. *sigh* One thing at a time. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.


Erin said...


I'm so glad Jack is doing ok. I am also glad you got some sleep. Everything is easier to deal with if you've had a little sleep! Good luck with the poop today. Hopefully you will just have to cut out some food and you'll be better. I've always warned my kids if they want mommy milk they had better like chocolate. Luckily they are fine with it. Have you avoided peanuts by any chance? Of course you never really liked them much anyway. Give Jack a kiss from me.

Heather said...

I'm so glad that everything went well yesterday. What a long day for you! It would be great if he doesn't have to have his surgery until January so you can enjoy the holidays at home instead of the hospital. I would imagine that the bigger Jack gets the easier it is for the surgeon's to do their job. We pray for you always and appreciate the pictures. I hope the bloody poop is no big deal and easily handled. Love you all!

Jill said...

I sure hope the blood poop isn't anything too bad.

You know that is what happened to little Reese so I had to stop the dairy.

Let us know.