Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love...

...The inquisitive look Jack gives me if I’m holding him when he poops that clearly says “You’re going to take care of that, right?”

...Making him smile with just a look from across the room.

...The sound of his uncontrollable giggle.

...That it’s my job to know the silly sound for the day and to perform it often.

...Being able to interpret every cry, whimper and look on his face better than anyone else.

...That he quickly forgives me and clings to me for comfort even when I am the one holding him down for his IVs, shots, and everything else unpleasant but necessary.

...Knowing the intimate details of his face from much patting, kissing, loving, and caressing, and he knows mine.

...Hearing the wonderful baby secrets that he whispers to me when we’re up late at night.

...When my body has the super-spidey sense to wake up before Jack does in the middle of the night with just enough time to pump a fresh bottle.

...Watching him examine his own fingers and toes with amazement as he discovers some new wonderful thing that they can do.

...Rescuing him in the middle of the night when he gets turned around in a crazy position in his crib.

...How much fun we have getting dressed in the morning and then getting ready for bed at night.
Who knew silly dancing jammies could be so funny?

...The look of pure delight on his face when I bring out one of his favorite toys.

...How his whole body shakes with anticipation when he’s hungry and sees a bottle coming his direction.

...The way his body curls into mine at night as soon as I finish feeding him and put in his binky.

...Watching him try new things and have new experiences (like eating a Ritz cracker)
And most of all I love these boys! Seriosuly, what's not to love?


The Hood's said...

Amazing how little things.. bring such great joy! Jack is adorable!

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...


Jill said...

don't you just love being a mom!

Twins....they are TWINS!

Carlla said...

Cute post! My son, Aiden has Shones/HLHS, he turned 1 year old in January. I am new to the blogging world, trying to connect with more people out in the heart community. Jack looks great!

Melissa said...

He looks more and more like Marc all the time! What a cutie!

M said...

Oh Aimee, He's so cute and chubby--I could eat him with a spoon! You are clearly a great mom and I'm so glad Jack's doing well.

Charity said...

You are the best MOM!!! The little moments are always the best!

The Whitaker Family said...

What an absolutely delightful post, Aimee!! Its clear how much you love your little cutey boy from your post. I thoroughly enjoyed it!