Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 2 - Finally resting

Physically Jack is doing really well. He is very stable and everyone is pleased with his progress. Mentally, it's been rough. All day yesterday he was very out of it, agitated, and restless. He couldn't keep his eyes open or get to sleep, he wanted to go home, and told Dr. Kaza that he needed lots of band aids. We were finally able to give him a little watered down milk around 4:30 and about an ounce or so every half hour after that, which helped but he was so thirsty he just kept asking. Dr. Kaza came by around 6:00 and said that it is pretty typical for post-Fontan patients to be extremely thirsty.

Marc and I were exhausted so we left to sleep last night, but the night nurse said he was still fairly delirious until around 2AM when he was finally able to sleep a bit. He also got to eat some chocolate pudding and they said he liked that.  Our new nurse this morning (Carolyn) switched his pain meds to something that seems to be working better and cut the prongs off his oxygen which was bugging him and he is now sleeping peacefully.  They plan to pull the jugular line when he wakes up and the arterial line tomorrow so we are making good progress.

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Allison said...

It is so hard to see them so out of it after surgery. I am so glad he is finally resting and we will continue to pray for that. I just read Hardy's post and that totally cracks me up! Did Bronco have a reason to be in the CICU or was he just coming around on visits? We got a good laugh over that!