Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recovery Floor

We made it to the recovery floor!  Jack is still not too happy about everything that is going on, but he is much more at peace now that we have made it out of the noisy PICU. Last night at shift change all the nurses were talking and loud and in his weak little voice he called out, "Hey guys. You're making too much noise. I'm trying to watch my show. You need to stop talking." Good to know he's still in charge.  We are now in room 3075, so if you would like to come visit you can give us a call.

Both his IVs have gone bad so he had to get a new one that required multiple pokes, and they've pulled out lots of stitched in lines and wires today so he's leary of anyone touching him, but overall he is good. He slept all day yesterday, but has been awake most of today. He tried to stand earlier but was in too much pain so I think we'll try again later tonight.  We still have a ways to go, but we're making progress.

Getting his pacer wires out

Enjoying a little nap

Yay! Our own quiet room on the 3rd floor

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Gwen said...

thanks for the updates and new pics with his eyes open :) Hope he continues on with a speedy recovery! hugs and kisses from us!!