Saturday, May 5, 2012


We've had a good night. Jack had several meds kick in and a visit from baby brother Tyler all at the same time, and boy did he turn the corner. 

He smiled when he saw Tyler.

He discovered the fun buttons on the bed and invited daddy in for a ride.
 He was able to stand up for a few minutes.

He even got a nice long wagon ride.  He wanted to check out the playroom but they closed early tonight so we've scheduled a playdate with Connor (who had his Fontan on Tuesday and is down the hall) for tomorrow morning.

It was so good to see that smile again.


dmg said...

Jack looks great! I love that he is progressing well--hopefully you guys will be home soon.


The Whitaker Family said...

What a sweetie!!!! Jack (& you both) have been in my prayers this past week... Hope he keeps making good progress-- how darling of a pic is that with his baby brother-- so sweet!

Wilcox Family said...

Good job Jack! Jenna can't wait to come and see you.