Monday, May 21, 2012

"Lookin' good!"

Jack just continues to feel better and better each day. In fact, he's driving me crazy today just the way a 3 year old should.  Last night he played with his cousins and chased them all around the Grandma and Grandpa's house, keeping up the whole time which I'm not sure he could have done a month ago, so that was awesome.  He was sitting at a table with just the cousins and as I came over to bring his food I overheard him telling the kids about his surgery. He said he was at the hospital and had some surgery, but he's feeling better now. He even was showing them his scar and said that pretty soon it would be all better and he would look like his cousin Josh.  It was good to see him open and comfortable talking about it.  That night when I put on his pj's he looked at his chest and said "Lookin' good!"  And it really is.

We've been playing outside a lot lately. Last week I pulled out a sled (since it might as well get some use this year) and filled it with water.  The boys had a blast, pouring and stirring and throwing things in. 

And look who is standing all by himself now! Just in time for his birthday this Saturday.  Ty is quite pleased with himself and loves to push anything and everything around the house and yard.  He is so darn cute, and it's a good thing because he is so busy. Heaven help me when he learns to walk which will be any day now.


The Popes said...

I just found your blog and am so glad I did. We just finalized our sons adoption in December. He has HLHS and had the first two surgeries before we brought him home (we got him through our state's foster care system at 4 months old). I've been learning everything I can to prepare for the road ahead. Gabriel is doing amazingly well, but it's still scary. I look forward to reading your story and some of the other HLHS Mom Blogs.

Mindi D said...

Aww i just barely read the last 3 posts! I kept checking for a few days then gave up on you! I figured you had moved on and forgotten about all of us worried heart moms ;) JK. I'm so glad he's doing good and 'lookin good' Hes a cutie pie! And so is Tyler! My baby is 15 months and all over the place. The good thing is that he isn't attached to me. He is pretty independent so that'll be a plus for me. Keeping Lib from playing will be tough. On her and on me. I like to be on the go. They told me to keep her down for 3 days after cath.. uh.. thats gonna be hard. She already found her way to the sandbox last night :/ Anyway, thanks for the update! GOO Jack! He is our inspiration i hope you know ;) I even mentioned 'our friend' to Dr Menon yesterday :)