Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cardiology visit

Jack had his post-op visit with the cardiologist, Dr. Tristany, at PCMC this morning at 8AM. Whoever thought that was a good time to try to get a newborn to the hospital was very, very wrong, especially since Hardy had to work at 7AM so I had to get him ready and out the door by myself. It was a little crazy, but we made it. Jack was a good boy for half the ride there, then we hit Foothill Dr and he started screaming bloody murder. We were so close but traffic was slow so his fit lasted longer than I would have liked. By the time I got him out fot he car and calmed down he was very blue and looked awful. Good thing I was already at the hospital, right?

When they looked at his oxygen sats he was in the low 60's which is not good as he needs to be between 75 and 85. Eventually he got up into the mid 70's, but when they turned off his oxygen to see where his baseline rate was he was hovering around 70. The doctor wasn't too pleased with that so we're now up to a half liter of oxygen. Still not a ton, but definitely not going in the right direction. I'm supposed to take him to the pediatrician tomorrow to have them check his levels again and then have the home health nurse check again Friday so we can make sure he's doing okay. I think he'll come back down to a 1/4 once he recovers from this morning, but they said that if he keeps having blue fits and his levels don't improve then he might have to have anotehr proceedure between now and his next surgery. That would just be something minor done in the cath lab and hopefully only a night or two in the hospital, but we really hope everything is okay and that he was just having a moment.

He always seems to do great until he's suposed to see the doctor or speech therapist and then he freaks out. So apparently our little rock star doesn't like to behave in front of audience.

The best part about our visit was that we got to go see some of our heart friends. We went to visit with Daxton and bring him a little gift and HE'S GETTING A HEART TODAY! They found out this morning and he'll have his surgery this afternoon. I am just so happy for them. It's a long road having a transplant, but it sure beats waiting at the hospital for a heart for who knows how long. Yay Daxton! We also got to visit Little Laurie who was Jack's NICU neighbor. Born at less than 2 lbs, and she weighed less than 3 when we first met her, she's now about to hit 5 lbs and will be going home soon. What a cutie. I am so excited for her and her wonderful mom Patty.


Jill said...


That is the sweetest song you have playing! I've never heard that before. LOVE IT!

Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear Jack had such a hard day yesterday. Hopefully he is doing better today and doesn't need the extra procedure. As always we are praying for all of you and love you.