Thursday, September 4, 2008

Place Your Bets

Jack's hospital bill arrived in the mail today. It's a doosey, but less than I was expecting.
So, how much do you think it cost? Seriously - I want to hear some good guesses. Consider that he was in the hospital 18 days and had major open heart surgery (thankfully) without any set backs.
Whoever guesses the closest gets to come snuggle with the baby for an hour:)

Our other good news for the day - the cardiologists said that as long as he's eating, Jack doesn't need to have his tube any more! And trust me - he's eating. Those cute little cheeks are starting to get a little chub on them. All the better for kissin'.


Christina said...

My guess is $115,000. And that would be just the bill from Primary's right? Don't worry that it wasn't as much as you were expecting. You will get separate bills from the cardiologists, surgeons, every doctor that looked at you child, reviewed x-rays, or walked by his bed! :)

Glad he is going well and gaining weight!!!

hugs & prayers,
Jacob's momma

kathy said...

Let's see, my granddaughter's bill was $86,000 and she was only in for 13 days and didn't require surgery, so I'm going to guess $121,500. I love reading your updates on your little sweetie, even though I don't know you! So glad he is doing okay now!

The Whitaker Family said...

Just the hospital bill? Not all the various doctor's bills, etc, right? I have no idea but I'm curious!

ann said...

I'll go high with $145,000. And I sure don't know you - but also continue to pray.

Kari said...

Well I'm interested to see the grand total. Our last little one was in the mid-range neonatal unit for 16 days, just based on being born early and not wanting to eat, and I've had nightmares about what his numbers will look like. (Still no bills, yet.) So if you come in around $100K, perhaps I can start to breathe again.

But that's what I've been guessing for us, so I'll put you closer to the $200K range--maybe $175K? (Please let me be wrong.)

Simmons Family: said...

Hmm... Owen was 30days in ICU and Norwood... so let's say $200,000 for Jack! The bills just come and come and come.... I remember seeing bills for Dr.'s I hadn't even heard of who probably just stepped in the room to give him a once over. It's nuts!!

Hopefully those costs are covered by insurance and you don't have to worry about them! YEAH for no more tube... we're 7 months and still have that sucker in..NO FUN!!


Julie Miles said...

Well, as I've learned, it depends on the before insurance price or the after insurance price and what kind of insurance plan you have. If you've got decent insurance and that has already been filed, then I'd guess $5-$10 grand because insurance makes all the difference!

As for us, our bigger cost - bigger than the surgery and hospital stay, was the RSV shots we got last winter - that was considerably more than Ethan's 2nd heart surgery and 4 days hospital stay!

P.S. Happy 1 month birthday Jack!

Heart hugs,

Julie Miles

Melissa said...

My guess is $160 K. Looks like a happy guy!!


Lisa Marie Trent said...


Brammer Family said...

So if every one is over can I say $1.00? :)

Hmmmm... I'll go 186,000

Jill said...


Erin said...

I guess I'll go with $140 since no one else has. Don't keep us in suspense long!

Nic & Ashley Haws said...

hmmm, I say $75,000.00. Thats my best guestamation! And don't worry... the bills keep coming and keep adding up. :)
Ashley Haws - IHH

Michelle said...

My guess is 150,000. Just a guess, not based on anything.So the more important question is how much are you guys going to have to pay out of pocket. It's true even for the most uncomplicated births, like mine, we still had to pay thousands....4,000 and we had 50% coverage, not much.. but in hindsight sheesh, they know how to get us in the end! Hope I'm right so I can come hold the little fella.