Friday, September 5, 2008

The winner is...

$131,000 - and yes, that's just the bill from Primary's. I think that's more than I paid for my condo. Every person who ever walked passed his bed seems to have a separate bill that arrives every day. At least they give me something interesting to look for in the mail rather than junk ads. And thank goodness for insurance.

Great guess Lisa Trent. You're the winner!

On another note, Jack gave me a bit of a scare this morning. The speech therapist came to watch him eat at 9AM and I was sure he was going to impress her with his skill. Instead he screamed for 45 minutes, turned blue, and then was too tired to eat. An hour and a half later when he woke up and I tried to feed him again since he should have been starving he did the same thing again. At that point he wouldn't even put a binky in his mouth so I knew something must be wrong. I called Hardy in tears and asked him to come home at lunch time to help me put the feeding tube back in and called the home health nurse to have her come check on him. Well, dad got home and Jack decided he was hungry and downed the whole bottle for him. Then the nurse came and since he now had a nice long nap, a full tummy, and several full diapers he pinked right up and looked great. She even decreased his oxygen since his sats were too high. So we didn't put the tube back in and everything is fine. Apparently he just needed a good poop.

Little stinker.


Erin said...

Aim, I'm glad Jack is feeling better. You had me a little worried. Guess he really is a stinker!

The Whitaker Family said...

Poor Aimee! I freaked out with Audrey sometimes when she was little, little and she didn't have open heart surgery! I can't even imagine how I'd cope..... I'm so glad it all ended well! One more thing under your belt, eh?