Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eat, Sleep and Clean

After decided yesterday not to put Jack's NG tube back in, guess who forgot how to eat around midnight last night? I was none too thrilled with the little guy about that and pulled out all the stuff to put his tube back in, but thankfully dad kept his head on and suggested that we wait and try again at his 3:00AM feeding before I put it back in and of course he did great and hasn't had any eating problems the rest of the day.

Jack has been much more awake today than usual which is both good and bad. It's great when he's kicking and happy, less great when he's crying and not letting me get anything done because he needs to be held all the time. Not that I mind holding him one bit, it's just really hard to pump or mix a bottle with a babe in arms. My little sister came over for a couple of hours to watch Jack for me so I could take a nap and get some things done, but of course he picked those exact two hours to sleep soundly so she just rocked him. Then the minute she left he decided to wake up. He did the exact same thing last week when his Grandma Strong came to rock him for me. If it weren't for the video clips, everyone who comes to visit would think all he does is sleep, and trust me, that is not the case.

On a really good note, the Merry Maids came and cleaned our house today. I must say, that has been a great investment these past couple of months. I'm not sure how much longer we'll keep having them come now that I can get around again, but it's so nice to know that once a month my house is getting a really good cleaning. They dust, vacuum, scrub floor boards, mop floors, change sheets, scrub toilets - the works. It feels like a new house when they leave. I love it.

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The Whitaker Family said...

Man, I'm so jealous about the maid service!!! Gonna have to invest in that some day....... ;)