Monday, September 22, 2008

Taking care of Mom

Jack is such a nice baby. So far he has been very good at following his daddy's directions before he left town instructing him to be good and take care of his mom. Last night he was alert and happy all evening and had a great time with his grandpa and my aunt and uncle who came over to visit. He slept really well last night and has taken several good naps today. Hard to argue with that. Of course it always makes me nervous that he sleeping too much and I start to worry that he's in heart failure or that he's not getting enough calories because he missed a meal rather than just enjoy the fact that he's sleeping really well. But I guess those worries come with the territory of having a heart baby. As long as I don't freak out too much I guess it's normal. Hopefully we'll have another good night again tonight.


Jill said...

aimee, Come Saturday, my life is going to become much more flexible. My parents are going to Hawaii, that means I will have a car to myself and I can get my sorry behind over to see you and Jack. So glad he is being good for you. What a good sweet boy!

Melanie (Mama, Mimi) said...

I am so happy to hear that all is going well with Jack. He sure is a cutie!

Julie Miles said...

:-) Ethan's 13 months old now and still sleeps quite a lot (12 hours at night and about 4 hours of naptime during the day) and I STILl share your same worries about heart failure and not getting enough calories from missing meals! You're right it does come with the territory of being mom to a heart baby but don't let that stop you from taking some time for yourself to catch a nap or get some stuff done while he's sleeping - he sounds like he's doing just fine!