Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another day

I told you the rule is to never say the "H" word. Hardy and I were so disappointed today when they told us they were keeping us one more day. I know it's only been a week and a half, but when they aren't really doing anything but monitoring his feeding it makes for really long days. Seriously, I can watch him not eat at home. For the past few days he hasn't been eating enough, so last night we gave in and put the feeding tube back in. Well, ever since then he won't even put a bottle in his mouth. He would start crying every time he even saw a bottle. Tonight I decided to pull the feeding tube and get tricky. After screaming at the bottle for a few mintues he fell asleep so I switched out his binky for the bottle. As he slept he eventually ate all 3 ounces! That at least bought him until his next feeding before they have to put the tube back in.

Jack started wiggling and kicking around today, which was so good to see. He was showing off for the nurses and our heart friend Marshall's mommy, Marcy. Pretty cute. He also finally wants to snuggle and be held. Until today he has been too sore to snuggle for more than a few mintues at a time, but today he took a good 2 hour nap in my arms. We (I) enjoyed that.

Each day gets a little better. If only he would eat...

P.S. I do have pictures on my camera, I'm just too tired to download them at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

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