Thursday, January 15, 2009

MRI and a Sleepover

Jack had his MRI this afternoon. Things were going well until he woke up and his sats dropped. They cranked his oxygen up as high as 3 liters and he was still only in the 60's so Dr. Menon ordered an immediate echo to see if his shunt was blocked. It looked like there is still flow getting through, but it's not what they would like it to be. At one point during the echo the tech had to stop because Jack was turning dusky and was in the 40's. After the echo we got him to sleep for a lilttle while and he got back in the 80's on 1.5 liters, but as soon as he woke up he was back down in the 60's even after we turned him back up to 2 liters.

The result...they decided to admit him and we are going to see what happens over night and discuss moving up his surgery with Dr. Kaza in the morning. We may get our Monday slot again after all. This is exactly what they expect will happen eventually which is why he needs this next surgery, I guess we just waited a week too long.

I just ran home to pack a bag and head back up for a sleepover. The good news is that Kylie got moved from the PICU to the 3rd floor this afternoon so at least we have a friend to play with.

P.S. - The MRI showed that everything looked pretty good except his pulmunary arteries which are a little small, but they plan to fix that during his Glenn. Dr. Menon also said that his aorta appears to be small. He hopes that it will grow on its own since there is nothing they can do about it right now. It should be fine, but it's something to keep an eye on.


Jill said...


We are ALWAYS praying for Jack! Keep us all posted!

Oh, and LOVE the videos!

Reese still doesn't roll!!!!!!

He just melts my heart!

The Hood's said...

What a trooper that little Jack is! What a day for you guys as well! I'm sure you're exhausted. Thanks for the updates. We will keep watching for them. As always, little Jack is in our prayers!

Erin said...

Thanks for posting, I've been so worried all night. I am glad his surgery is this week and that he has done so well up until now. He just wants his original day back and he's letting you all know that.

Give Jack a big kiss for me. We will keep checking so tell us when you know anything. Hope you got a little sleep.

Love you.

Heather said...

I'll be checking in frequently, too. We're praying for Jack--as always--with a few extras for good measure. I hope you got some rest and that Jack continues to be a trooper while he waits for his surgery. Love you all!

The Whitaker Family said...

Man, things can change fast in your world! I'm glad the surgery has been moved up and will keep little Jack, you guys and his doctors in my prayers!