Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy to be home

As suspected, Jack is eating much better now that we are home. He still poops out before he gets quite enough in him so I have to gavage the rest, but at least he's now opening his mouth for the bottle instead of locking his stubborn little lips. I'm also really enjoying having the tube to give him his meds. He REALLY hates the taste of lortab and this way I can just slip it in without him even knowing.

It was so great last night to be able to rock my sweet baby to sleep and get up with him the one time he woke up for pain meds. The nurses at PCMC are great, but I much prefer being able to care for him myself.

Here is Jack getting his blood pressure taken by the tech for the bazillionth time during his hospital stay.
He's definitely lost some of his chub, but hopefully it will come back soon.

Very happy to be home with his toys.


Heather said...

Jackson looks fantastic, especially considering what he's been through in the past week and a half. I'm glad he's starting to enjoy his bottle again.

Melanie (Mama, Mimi) said...

So glad to see Jack is home! And I bet you are really enjoying taking care of him yourself!

Erin said...

I am glad Jack is eating again. He looks great. He has come very far this last week. Tell him if he needs some more chub Aunt Erin is willing to donate!

I'm glad you can sneak in the meds, if only it would work on veggies for a toddler...hmmm you might want to keep that tube around for future use!!

Intermountain Healing Hearts said...

Great news that you are finally home. I hope the feeding tube is just a brief hiccup and before long he is eating everythign on his own.
His pictures look great and I know with you having him home he will chub out again.
You both are doing great!!!

Jill said...

I am so love with him! I love when you post pictures! Glad he is doing better! He just wanted his home and his momma, just like every baby! What a good boy!

Godwins said...

I'm so glad Jack is home. He looks so happy to be there with his toys. I hate having them sick and I love seeing his cute pics. Love ya, Becky

Djinni said...

I am glad to hear he is home again. He will heal much faster at home where he is more comfortable. I recognize the tech, in the photo, Isaac had her, a few months ago when he had ear surgery. I really liked her. Take Care, Djinni (Isaac's Mom)